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Client Testimonial

"Maria was excellent. I have never before hired such a great lawyer. She explained everything to me and went beyond her scope to help me."

Tammy P.
Client Testimonial

"Awesome Defense Attorney! Excellent results. I highly recommend The Law Offices of Maria A. Albanese for any criminal or traffic matter!

P.T. Client Testimonial

"Ms. Albanese was an excellent traffic attorney. She went way beyond what she said she would do, and my case was dismissed! She let me know every step of the way what was going on. I will definitely hire her again and let all my friends know how great she was."

Client Testimonial

"Maria was excellent through all phases of my case. She promptly contacted me, explained to me what to expect, updated me on my situation, and handled the case by exceeding my expectations. I would not hesitate either recommending her to friends or using her again for my own use."

Client Testimonial

Maria represented us at a difficult time.  She presented both legal and personal exceptional support and advice.  We prevailed and shall always be grateful to her. 

Client Testimonial

Maria is an excellent criminal defense attorney!  My charges were dropped.  She put 150% of her heart into her work.  She really is amazing and I would recommend her to anyone!

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